Claire Austin's Book of Perennials Revised Edition

Perennials have been a passion of mine for nearly 40 years. My first book about perennials was written in 1999, the next in 2005, the first edition of this book  in 2015. Because I think there is a need for a practical, highly illustrated guide to perennialsI wrote the first edition of this book. Both editions are designed to encourage all gardeners, especially new ones, to try perennials. The range of plants in the Plant Directory is far from exhaustive, but these are all perennials I have grown and found to be reliable. All the pictures in this book were taken by me in my gardens – most of them in the garden at White Hopton Farm. Here are some bullet points from the back cover

• A personal selection of reliable hardy perennials for every gardener – the e×pert as well as the beginner – and every type of garden

• New section on creating a design style using perennials, as well as planting for wildlife and small urban plots

• Superb photographs of Claire’s inspiring plant combinations with clear guidance on how to use colour in the garden

• E×pert practical advice – from a hands-on experienced, grower – on choosing, siting and caring for hardy perennials

• Descriptions of over 700 recommended plants, including 185 new varieties with close-up photographs and full cultivation information

• Beautifully illustrated sections on irises and peonies – special plants that will enhance your garden for years to come

• Awarded 'Reference Book Of The Year' for 2015 by The Garden Media Guild

The book is a large paperback - 220mm wide x 280mm high with 208 pages, 16 pages more than the first edition

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