Artichoke Green Globe

Artichoke Green Globe
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  • Artichoke
Good size dark green heads, tasty heart make a supreme delicacy when picked young for culinary use. Attractive thistle like plant, which look at home in the flower border as well as a vegetable plot, growing to 150-200cm (59-79") tall. The flower buds are best harvested before they flower. Pack size: 40 Seeds. WHEN TO SOW February to March Indoors or March to April Outdoors WHERE TO SOW Indoors using seed sowing compost in pots or trays in greenhouse at 18°C. Outside in free draining soil in mid spring when the soil has warmed up. They will need an open spot with plenty of sun and well drained soil. Sow 2 to 3 seeds 30cm (12") apart, then thin out so final spacing is 1 metre (39") apart. WHEN TO TRANSPLANT When seedlings are large enough to handle, prick off into small pots. Harden off and grow on. Plant out 1m (39") apart the following spring. Add plenty of well-rotted manure to the planting site and add horticultural grit to clay soil to improve drainage. Rake in some general fertilizer before planting. HARVEST June to September the following year NUTRITIONAL VALUES Rich in Potassium , magnesium & Vitamin C
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