Cress Fine Curled

Cress Fine Curled
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Grow your own tasty colourful salad leaves which are packed full of nutrients. There is nothing quite as special and rewarding as going out to your own garden and selecting home grown produce to use in your meals. Fine Curled Cress is a dual purpose type. You can sow in containers lined with tissue for moisture retention on a window sill and cut when about 4cm tall or, alternatively broadcast the seeds in a small patch in the garden, water well, and cut the whole leaves for a spring sowing for cutting after about 4 weeks. Pack size: 5000 Seeds. WHEN TO SOW All year round WHERE TO SOW Can be sown thinnly on the surface of moist compost in small punnets (do not cover seed), on soaked tissue paper in a saucer. Regular sowings, made every two weeks, will ensure a continuous supply of leaves to pick. WHAT TO DO NEXT Keep the growing medium wet at all times. Window sill sowings will grow quickly and seedlings are best snipped off near the base as required. Outdoor sowings,can be broadcast in small blocks outdoors in Spring and Summer. Cut the larger, hotter leaves from sowing after about 4 weeks. MATURITY 7-10 days after sowing
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