Peony 'Early Windflower'

Peony 'Early Windflower'
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One of the most beautiful early flowering peonies. The small, cupped, pure-white flowers are carried on branched stems. They open just above a mound of extremely lovely deeply divided leaves that creates a dense and upright clump.
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Flower attributes

Colour: White

Flowers: Early Season


Soil: Well-drained

Planting position: Sun

Height x spread: 90cm x 80cm


Rabbit Resistant

Wildlife Friendly

Care advice

Peonies will grow in most soils as long as they are not wet, including clay soils. They require a sunny or partially shaded site. Herbaceous peonies need to be planted with the eye (the dormant pink buds) no more than 2.5cm below the surface of the soil. Do not mix manure in the soil before planting as this may rot the eyes.