Peony 'Visions of Sugar Plums'

Paeonia 'Visions of Sugar Plums'
Peony 'Visions of Sugar Plums'
  • Peony-vision-of-sugar-plums
The loosely formed semi-double flowers are lavender pink. The colour is brushed over pale cream petals and is stronger around the edges. Flares of dark raspberry flash out from the base of the petals framing a ring of soft yellow stamens. The flowers open just above a neat, round clump of large, mid-green leaves.
Bare Root (£60.00)?
Delivered in October-February?
£60.00  each

Flower attributes

Colour: Pink

Flowers: Midseason


Soil: Well-drained

Planting position: Sun

Height x spread: 70cm x 70cm


Care advice

They require a sunny or partial shade in well-drained soil. Plant Intersectional peonies so that the roots are covered up to where the branching begins. Do not mix manure in the soil before planting as this may rot the eyes. This is an intersectional peony, which is a cross between a woody-stemmed tree peony and an herbaceous peony that dies back in autumn. The woody growth can be cut back during the winter.