Sanguisorba stipulata var. rishirensis

Sanguisorba stipulata var. rishirensis
  • Sanguisoba5
This lovely plant carries the long, grey-green, serrated edged leaves on tall, slender stems that are topped with long, catkin-like white flowers. The flowers are made up of white stamens that emerge from red buds and the red shows through the white creating a lovely effect. I'm not entirely sure if this is true to name, as this plant has been growing in my garden for a while, but with no label. As far as I know this is the correct name, but it could be S. armena.
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Flower attributes

Colour: White

Flowers: June and July


Soil: Remains moist

Planting position: Sun/Partial Shade

Height x spread: 120cm x 105cm


Wildlife Friendly

Care advice

Easy to grow in a moist soil. In my shady spot it is not invasive, like some sanguisorbas, and it does not seed about.