Smilacina racemosa

(False soloman's seal) Maianthemum racemosum
Smilacina racemosa
  • Smilacina-racemosa
This shade lover carries the short, feathery spikes of tiny, scented white flowers on long arching stems with a few pleated, bright green, shiny leaves. Not dissimilar to Polygonatum (Soloman's seal) in the way it grows, this spreads more slowly and is perhaps a little more elegant. Rebranded Maianthemum racemosum some years ago, I prefer to use the old more pronounceable name.
9cm (£7.20)?
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Flower attributes

Colour: White

Flowers: May and June


Soil: Remains moist

Planting position: Part shade/Full Shade

Height x spread: 90cm x 90cm



Care advice

This likes a shady spot with leaf mould. They tend to die back during late summer, loosing all the foliage early in autumn, but once established it needs no attention.