Ypsilandra thibetica

Ypsilandra thibetica
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One of the first perennials to flower in my garden. The long, shaggy heads of pure white flowers are fragrant and look rather like a one-sided, loose bottle-brush. These open on short stems just above a clump of long, mid-green leaves. A plant to grow near to taller, later blooming perennials as it doesn't mind being over-shadowed later in the year.
9cm (£8.50)?
Delivered in 7 - 10 days
£8.50  each

Flower attributes

Colour: White

Flowers: February and March


Soil: Remains moist

Planting position: Part shade/Full Shade

Height x spread: 30cm x 30cm




Care advice

A very hardy perennial, this is happy in temperatures that drop to -10 or more. An evergreen plant which means the leaves remain throughout the year.