Irises are amongst the most handsome herbaceous perennials. Large, sculpted flowers are carried on tall stems in an amazing assortment of colours ranging white, yellow and blue through to pink, orange and black.

The majority of the irises we grow and sell are Bearded Irises that love a well-drained soil that is not too acidic and is in sun. There are irises for wet soils and shady spots, these are listed under Sibirica, Japanese and Other irises. Irises are generally sent out as bare rooted plants during September and October, but they can be ordered from late April to October. Some are grown in pots and are available all-year-round. To find what we have select the drop-down tab ‘Availability’ in the ‘Refine your search’.
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Dwarf Irises

Tall Bearded irises are gorgeous, but equally as beautiful and a less well known are Standard Dwarf Bearded irises, a title abbreviated to ‘SDB’. These short irises grow to between 21 cm and 40 cm high and usually flower in May, although in southern counties, and warm springs, they can start to bloom in April. The flowers are smaller than those of Tall Bearded varieties; sitting just above a low, clump of sword-like, grey-green leaves.